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Welcome to Dental Clinics of the College of Dentistry

Happily, we announce that the Dental clinics of the College of Dentistry has opened and received patients five working days in a week during the year of study. This clinics also acts as a teaching center for the students in 4th and 5th stages under the supervision of the key dentists of Thi Qar city. All the supervisors are also an academic staff of the College of Dentistry/University of  Thi Qar with different scientific academic degrees. The dental treatment is carried out under strict infection control and according to the international scientific protocol of treatment in various dental professions. As a public service and to help the community all the types of dental treatments are carried out at a reasonable price and again the income would be used in the progress of the college and the university. The treatment would be delivered in several departments which specialized in a particular area of dentistry.

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